Greetings to all stakeholders of Phoenix Academy of Excellence Middle Charter School! It is a pleasure to be with you for the fourth year now. The faculty and staff at PAOE will continue to work diligently alongside of me educating each student continuing to fill the achievement gaps academically. We have added a few new members to our team to assist with educating your children. Our faculty and staff, along with stake holders, believe that at PAOE “Failure is not an option”!

The journey we plan to take this year will have some sharp curves, hills, straight and narrow paths. However, we will not turn around, we will push through collectively to reach our daily goals. We will learn from our past shortcomings to guide us with our future endeavors. Our goal is to move forward to promote a culture of excellence and resilience in every student. Let us begin to dream the impossible because, if we only believe, we can achieve anything! The sky is the limit!

Again, this year we have new and innovative programs that will help to assist with student intervention as well as enrichment. However, we know that what we do daily is what constitutes the overall success of our students. We must continue to concentrate on the processes that spur continuing advancement: evaluating what we have, determining what we can do to improve, and identifying what we need to make those improvements. I look forward to a year of growth, determination, hard work and success with my PAOE Students, Staff, Stakeholders, and Parents.

PAOE, we are the Best school with the best faculty and staff.  Failure is not an Option!