Phoenix Academy of Excellence provides personalized support to middle school students (grades 6-8) in a school culture of high expectations and clearly defined indicators and measures for acceptable behavior and learning. Our school focuses on the improvement of student learning and behavior and on developing in each student a strong sense of academic, personal, and social responsibility.
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At Phoenix Academy of Excellence, we believe that without early intervention, struggling middle school students will continue to drop out, adding to the current academic and social crisis. Struggling and under-performing middle school students that are provided appropriate, early intervention will improve their chances for learning and life-long success.
At our school, we employ a differentiated approach to teaching our students that promotes academic achievement and personal success while eliminating low student performance and disruptive behavior. Through small learning environment and structured curriculum, targeted instructional strategies and intervention initiatives that address the cognitive and affective needs of the students is an integral part of accomplishing teaching, learning, and schoolwide goals. To effectively implement the curriculum and instructional strategies, we provide for extended learning.
At Phoenix Academy of Excellence, we:
  • Focus on the improvement of reading
  • Use goal setting as a means to motivate and support the academic achievement and personal success of students
  • Utilize Student Success Teams as an approach to improvement planning, intervention, and support
  • Integrate life skills instruction as a means toward academic and life-long success
  • Support career readiness, vocational, and postsecondary planning
  • Incorporate mentoring
  • Extend learning time
Phoenix Academy of Excellence-Tuition-Free Charter School Miami Dade
Phoenix Academy of Excellence-Tuition-Free Charter School Miami Dade